Thursday, February 03, 2005

Not so....Happily Ever After.

Our family’s nighttime ritual is rather interesting, I think. After putting our 19 month old to bed, the girls (3 & 4), my husband, and myself all gather in their room for “the usual.” It’s always sweet, occasionally frustrating. One night, our baby girl was in a bit of a mood.

It went something like this:

It was Myrtle’s night to tell a story. She told her usual castles, princes, princesses, and heroic rescues, complete with magic potions, evil monsters, and enchanted keys. It was long-winded and wonderful, although clouded slightly with the moaning and whining of Twinkle-Toes while she struggled with the “taking turns" and "sharing” concepts. Yep, it's one of those nights.

So, the story ends with a 'Happily Ever After' and we move on to our dream sequence. This is where everyone takes turns sharing what they are going to dream about that evening. Again, notice the “take turns” and “sharing” theme. We dive in.

Mom – “I’m going to dream about picnics, playgrounds, and all things summer.”
Dad – “I’m going to dream about a castle in the clouds." He may or may not have said this for the benefit of the two 'princesses' in the room.
Myrtle – “I’m going to dream about…..Daddy.” We all chuckle (ok, Mom sighs) at the static answer.
Twinkle-Toes“I’m going to dream about a princess locked in a tower with a dragon, and the dragon eats her.”

The room falls silent.

Inside, I’m rolling. That’s my surly little girl. You just have to love her.


birdwoman said...

Good girl - always defy expectations!


Suzanne said...

Sounds like a dream i'd have. They're never very happy for some reason, and usually involve something getting me, chasing me,...eating me.

Brian and Rachel said...

Wow, and I thought only boys came up with sadistic endings to stories. How nice!! ;)

BTW, glad you are back bloggingm have missed you!