Tuesday, December 06, 2005

So, I'm Writing a Book

I decided I’m going to write a book. It really wasn’t as simple as it sounds though. In part because I’ve actually already written the book. Eighteen years ago, as a matter of fact.

So, in fifth grade, I wrote a book. It rambled on where it should have been brief, it climaxed too late, and it lacked overall direction and focus. In short, it was written by a ten year old. Despite its obvious shortcomings, it was a good story. Good enough to win first place in the fifth grade and send me (and it) to a special young author’s conference. High honors for a ten-year-old, I assure you. A little sad for a twenty-eight year old, possibly. Still, I reread that book and see its potential. What I hope is that the potential is in the story itself, and not just the precocious little girl writing it.

For years I’ve dreamed of rewriting this book and seeking publication, but those dreams have always faded before pen even hit paper, or more accurately before fingers hit keyboard. Motivation isn’t my strongest quality. Which is to say, it may not be a quality of mine at all, but seeing as this is all still a dream, I’ll embellish. Perhaps this should be a New Year’s Resolution, but I rarely have success at those. For now, I am daring to speak aloud (via cyberspace) my goal. In doing so, I’m hoping to hold myself accountable.

I will rewrite this book.

I will submit it for publication.

I will continue to write/edit/resubmit until it’s accepted.

I will remember these promises tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that until my goal is reached.

Step one: accomplished.

And so it goes…..

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new illuminati said...

Keep up the Great Work! A writer writes...