Thursday, November 11, 2004

Knick-Knack Names. Do you have one?

Kids. They’re funny little creatures. Their growing vocabularies can be reason for pride, concern, and often laughter. My daughters (3 and 4) have taken to making up “Knick Knack names” for everyone in our family. Regardless of my repeat corrections, they insist on calling them “knick knack names.” I chuckle each and every time I hear it. I know one day they’ll learn to say it properly, and it will be just another cute memory. One of many that I’ll file away, and hope to never forget.

I find myself in a constant struggle to balance past, present, and future, to keep my memories of yesterday and dreams of tomorrow from impeding on the here and now. There is nothing that has brought me more joy, pain, excitement, sadness, patience, frustration, hope, and dread than being a parent. I’m still searching for the magic something that shows us all what we’re doing right, and how to fix what we’re doing wrong. Parenting footnotes?

Mommy of Myrtle, Twinkle Toes, and Squeekers.

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Michele said...

Oh my! I love Knick-Knack names. Allthough you did forget to tell us if the mommy of Myrtle, Twinkle Toes, and Squeekers knick-knack name is.
I will assume it was just a little oversight and I will check back to find out more.

Mine: mags (but shh, it is top secret).